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  • 14 students from B.B.A Placed

    14 Students pursuing B.B.A. from T.N.Rao College are placed into companies.

  • Drawing and Mehndi Competition

    Drawing and mehndi competitions were held on 5th July, 2014.

  • Seminar on Php and Wordpress

    Seminar on php and wordpress was conducted by TOPS Technologies, Ahmedabad on 1th July,2014.

  • Sports Festival

    A Sports Festival is being held by B.C.A. students This includes

    1. Cricket Tournament
    2. Banminton Tournament
    3. Volleyball Tournament

  • Programming Competition

    A Programming Competition will be held soon by B.C.A., T.N.Rao College.

  • Hardware Workshop

    A Hardware workshop and presentation will be held for the B.C.A. Students in the coming semester.

  • Mock Test for CMAT

    Online Mock Test for CMAT entrance will be conducted by Endevor.

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Humanize human beings in form of progressive, responsible and character built teacher trainees to fulfill the demand of the society for value based education and for national building.


Our mission is to inculcate IQ, EQ and SQ among the trainees, to equip them for the talk and to modify their behavior in a desirable manner. To create teaching-learning environment, we integrate an idea inclusiveness, shared responsibility, openness, adaptive governance, open acknowledgement and quality of global life through dignity, dedication and devotion..