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  • 14 students from B.B.A Placed

    14 Students pursuing B.B.A. from T.N.Rao College are placed into companies.

  • Drawing and Mehndi Competition

    Drawing and mehndi competitions were held on 5th July, 2014.

  • Seminar on Php and Wordpress

    Seminar on php and wordpress was conducted by TOPS Technologies, Ahmedabad on 1th July,2014.

  • Sports Festival

    A Sports Festival is being held by B.C.A. students This includes

    1. Cricket Tournament
    2. Banminton Tournament
    3. Volleyball Tournament

  • Programming Competition

    A Programming Competition will be held soon by B.C.A., T.N.Rao College.

  • Hardware Workshop

    A Hardware workshop and presentation will be held for the B.C.A. Students in the coming semester.

  • Mock Test for CMAT

    Online Mock Test for CMAT entrance will be conducted by Endevor.

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