Program Learning Outcome

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) program, students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce and Finance.

The commerce and finance focused curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures which would equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business.

The all-inclusive outlook of the course offers a number of value based and job oriented courses ensures that students are trained up-to-date.

In advanced accounting courses beyond the introductory level, affective development will also progress to the valuing and organization levels.


The chemistry course is designed to give core knowledge with the skills to critically assess and solve problems related to chemical science.

The different papers sub-discipline such as organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry give detailed knowledge and applications in respective specializations.

The Masters students will have working knowledge of chemical instrumentation and laboratory techniques..

The training will help students to design and conduct independent work in industry or academics.


RESEARCH SKILLS: Understand different research methods, Equipping scholars with relevant tools and techniques, Data collection and analysis by using statistical measures, use of conceptual understanding in practical research work and writing a research report.

ANALYTICAL AND INTERPRETATIVE SKILLS: Enhance the analytical and interpretation skills of data,Scholars are well trained in using statistical measures, softwares (SPSS) (MS EXCEL) etc.

DECISION MAKING SKILLS: Enable them to solve various problems of school management and classroom management.

USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Understand the innovative technology and tools of ICT and their use in teaching learning environments. Use of ICT in search perspective, design and develop ICT integrated learning resources, analysis and interpretation of the research data with the help of ICT..

SOCIAL RESILIENCE: Understand about social entities and enable them to tolerate, absorb, cope up with adverse conditions of life.

EFFECTIVE CITIZEN ETHICS: Understand different values, morality, social service and accept responsibility for the society.

ASSESSMENT SKILLS: Identify areas of primary and secondary education assessment, construction of tools, assess syllabi and text book of primary and secondary education.

STRUCTURING THE CURRICULA: Understand the basis, principles and process of curriculum development at primary and secondary level.

MSC (Micro)

Academic Competence

Understanding of the subject with respect to structure, diversity, metabolisms and applications of the microorganisms are extensively developed. It also involves structure and function of biological molecules. At the end, the students gain depth of scientific knowledge regarding microorganisms.

Critical thinking

Students are expected to develop skills in conducting practical, designing experiments and analyzing the data reaching conclusions. The theoretical base is developed on the various aspects of microorganisms and ability to solve the problems.

Research and development

Students gain ideas and competence regarding research and data analysis which will be highly useful to them in higher studies and exploring job opportunities. They acquire abilities for self direction and originality in tackling and solving problems and implementing tasks at professional levels.

Personal and Behavioural Competence

Professional skills concerning biochemical analysis, carrying out experiments and developing ability in specific areas of microorganisms are also developed.

Effective Communication

During this programme, the students develop the ability for articulation of ideas, scientific writing and report reporting, conference presentations and delivering seminars. They also develop conversational competence and effective verbal and written skills.

Social Competence

The students will develop abilities to manage projects in order to achieve objectives and ability to work in a team.

Self directed and Continuous learning

The students are expected to develop competence to proceed for higher studies and searching for job avenues.


To enable trainees discover and appreciate their unique vocation in society.To provide platform for trainees to create learning environment which integrates theory and practice

To nurture the trainees for inculcating the values of peace, justice, equality and fraternity.

To enable trainees to understand and cater to the needs of a diverse student population and understand inclusive education.

To encourage trainees to become catalysts of social transformation

To revitalize education through collaboration with different organizations

To provide trainees with a stimulating and catalytic environment that is both futuristic in outlook and holistic in perspective for the achievement of excellence.

To provide theoretical knowledge interwoven with a repertoire of pedagogical practices, hands-on teaching experience and the inclusion of technology as a teaching and learning tool.

To draw out latent talents and creativity through varied co-curricular programmes.

Course Learning Outcome



Understand concepts of business management, principles and functions of management

Explain and execute the process of planning

Create organization structures based on authority, task and responsibilities

Explain the basics of directing and its tools

Understand the requirement of a good control system in managing an organization

To make students familiar with the basic concepts of business, trade and commerce.

To expose students to the modern business world.

To them familiar with different forms of business organizations, their formation and

Acquire knowledge of accounting concepts, principles and practices.

Apply financial concepts in business administration to manage and be effective in
decision-making in functional areas like finance and accounting transactions.

Provide wide knowledge about final accounts.

Inculcate basic depreciation accounting concepts.

To acquire knowledge of basic account standards at domestic and international levels.

To inculcate concepts of inventory valuation.


Able to illustrate and explain basic concepts of programming

Able to understand the Concept of control statements.

Able to translate the real-life situations in programming form and solve them using some
fundamentals of Programming.

Able to translate the real-life situations in programming form and solve them by storing
data into files and analyzing user defined data types and test and detect that it is
optimized applications.

Able to understand Computer Network and Internet Environment.

Able to understand design and develop static and/or interactive websites using HTML5,
CSS and Javascript.

Able to explore different web elements.

Able to understand knowledge of CSS3, Javascript and Bootstrap Framework.


Understand the concept and place of research in education.Gets acquainted with various resources for research.

Achieve skill in writing and interpreting research reports.

Are initiated into research by undertaking a piece of research and preparing a dissertation.

To enable the students to develop knowledge and understanding of the history of education.

To enable the students to understand the concepts and process of social organization and institutions.

To acquaint the students with the role of politics in education.

To enable students to understand the relationship between politics and education.

To acquaint students with the role of education in economics development.

Develops a deeper understanding of the implications of learning theories in the class-room teaching.

Know the essential component of teaching learning situations.


To understand the importance of the development of the education system.To appreciate the futuristic national policies being introduced.

To understand the policies implemented in the Post-independence Era.

To understand different theories of Development and its implication in a real classroom scenario.

To understand and imply theories of Intelligence, Personality and Creativity.

To understand concepts of Mental Health and Adjustment.

To understand the Education as a System in India and Education envisioned by Indian Thinkers.

We carve leaders and visionaries

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