About us


With the sole objective of transmitting knowledge, T. N. Rao college was established in 1998. And from more than 20 years we are providing our best to convert our students into progressive, responsible, and self-reliant individuals who can serve their purpose in the best possible way for the society and world.

To achieve our goal in the best possible way, we aim to provide students with maximum exposure. To support these we believe in celebrating different festivals and organizing social work and extracurricular activities. We encourage our students to organise and participate in different activities to gain maximum knowledge.

Currently, we are providing multiple degree courses at bachelor’s and master’s levels including BBA, B.Com, BCA, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (IT), M.Sc. (organic chemistry), M.Ed.

Vision & Mission


Provide the best environment and services to help students transform themselves into progressive, responsible, and character-built individuals who can contribute in nation-building activities.


Our mission is to help students develop their best version to serve their purpose for the society and nation. Provide students an holistic environment where they can develop qualities like the idea of inclusiveness, shared responsibility, openness, adaptive governance, open acknowledgment, and quality of global life through dignity, dedication, and devotion.

We carve leaders and visionaries

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